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Our Top 7 Lord of the Rings Memes

This week, we at Middle-earth news have given you the reflective. We’ve shown you the enthralling. We’ve even served you the delicious. Now, allow us to bring you the hilarious with our Top Seven Lord of the Rings memes of all time. Is there anything as amusing as the combination of movies and the internet when it comes to making jokes? I submit that there is not. And just think of all the fun we’ll be having next year with our newly-minted Hobbit memes! And now, without further ado…


 #7 You Shall Not Pass

Who could resist the allure of such a practical phrase? Easily the most useful of our top seven, this was destined to become a standby for slighted drivers (and clever teachers) everywhere.



#6 Fly You Fools

Gandalf comes in again at number 6! His iconic grip on the bridge of Khazad-dum begs to be replicated by any animal (or occasionally human) in a desperate scenario.


#5 I Am No Bro

Did this meme develop in response to the “Come at me bro” meme? Or did it come about during those years when we “bro-ified” every word? Either way, Eowyn’s proud declaration of her gender has been updated for the internet age and has given girl gamers everywhere a new war cry.


#4 Hipster Lord of the Rings Characters

As soon as it became hip to rip on hipsters, those “ironic” nerd glasses found their way onto our favorite Lord of the Rings characters, and you know what? They look good. (There’s some pretty cute hipster illustrations of the whole “bro-ship” as well at All that’s missing is a Legolas/Gimli drinking contest with nothing but Pabst Blue Ribbon.



#3 One Does Not Simply…

This is one of the classics that lends itself to countless mutations. Poor Boromir has become the Doubting Thomas of every scenario, from cleaning up glitter to “woking” into Mordor.



#2 Po-ta-toes

Po-ta-toes, that catchy little YouTube tribute to Samwise’s cooking,  has been around for years and years, and we can guarantee it’s stuck in your head now. (Boil ’em, mash ’em, stick ’em in a stew.) After this video hit the interwebs, no Lord of the Rings fan could make a potato dish without bursting into song, or without at least asking, “What’s taters, precious?”

#1 Legolas by Laura

Legolas by Laura asks the burning question: “How can people put baby in the woodsand to die”. This semi-anonymous piece of fan fiction was written by a person who first claimed to have a learning disability, then claimed to be trolling. Riddled with spelling errors, plot “twists” and some strange takes on Middle-earth names, this little piece is packed with so much comedic material that we declare it – and its many resultant dramatic readings and videos  – the number one Lord of the Rings meme.

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  1. The stamp is just about the coolest thing ever!

  2. “Legolas by Laura: the Movie” is so hilarious I laugh ’til I cry every time I see it! *wipes hilarity off her face*

  3. Being a fan of the muppets, I like the one with fozzy.

  4. How could you forget “Taking the Hobbits to Isengard”?

    • I can’t believe they forgot “They’re taking the Hobbits to Isengard!!” Every time I forget where they took the Hobbits, that video helps me remember.