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BREAKING: New ‘Hobbit’ Poster Features Dwarves

Peter Jackson may have posted this handsome new Hobbit poster on Facebook without comment, but artist John Howe pondered, “Is there a special word to designate a group of dwarves? Somehow ‘troupe’ or ‘company’ seems too mundane. A density of dwarves, perhaps? :)” Whatever you want to call it, we’re glad to have these fellows around!

How does this poster compare to the recently released Bilbo poster? And which dwarf in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey do you think will be your favorite?

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  1. Eglantine Bracegirdle says:

    Kili looks like a model…Kili no. Kili. Wat r u doin? Kili. Stahp.

  2. Kili is a complete failure as a dwarf– what were they thinking?! He’d make a fine Ranger of the North, but a dwarf? Come on!

    The rest of them look terrific, though. Thorin is too young, but at least he looks like a (n admittedly short-bearded) dwarf.

    And the poster is fantastic!

  3. If I was Aidan Turner I’d be really annoyed that I got to be in this cool movie but didn’t get to have crazy cool hair like every other member of my species.

  4. Ha. And if I was Aidan Turner I’d want to remind people that before filming got started I was the one guy who grew a very, very impressive beard. For real.

    By the way don’t be fooled by the publicity stills, this man really does have proper acting chops.

  5. Oh, nothing against Aiden Turner– seems like a decent guy, and is a good actor and (obviously) good-looking guy (and i do remember his pre-production beard). I place the blame directly on Boyens/Walsh/Jackson. The ladies wanted a “hot” or “sexy” dwarf, and Jackson caved.

    And, like i hinted above, he does look cool, and would make a great Ranger or other human-type character, just not a dwarf.

    Honestly, i feel kinda sorry for Mr. Turner– there’s all these awesome looking dwarves, and there he is, looking absolutely nothing like a dwarf. One of these things is not like the other…

  6. Who is to say there were no “sexy dwarves”, though? Not all men or elves look the same, why should all dwarves? Of all the things to complain about, I certainly won’t be bemoaning the fact that Kili is good-looking.

    • It’s not that he’s good-looking– Fili is good looking, and he has dwarf traits going on. It’s that he doesn’t have a beard *at all* (and a few days stubble is no beard) and he has straight, flowing hair. He looks absolutely nothing like any dwarf we’ve ever seen. I’m just not buying it.