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Krüger Coffee Products Get Hobbit-Inspired Makeover

Chai and cappuccino drinkers rejoice! In anticipation of the release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, German coffee maker Krüger has appropriately redesigned the packaging of their cappuccino, chai, and hot chocolate products for a limited time. The first images appeared on doyleheima‘s Twitter account:

With each product, consumers will find a wanted poster containing information on Bilbo and his companions. Additionally, each product includes a code for a 2-for-1 savings deal at all Merlin theme parks.

There are seventeen flavours to choose from, including: White Cappuccino (featuring Bofur), Double-Chocolate Cappuccino (featuring Thorin Oakenshield), Crispy Caramel Cappuccino (featuring Ori), Latte Macchiato (featuring Bombur), Classic India Chai Latte (featuring Gandalf), Lovely India Chai Latte (featuring Galadriel), Spicy India Chai Latte (featuring Elrond), Hot Chocolate (featuring Fili), and Hot Chocolate with Gold Nut (featuring Kili).

More information – and a full list of flavours – can be found at

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  1. Penny Douglas says:

    In what stores can I get this in my local area? Shreveport, LA
    Penny Douglas

  2. victorialadybug says:

    This takes me way back to 2001 when the Fellowship of the Ring was coming out in theaters and Burger King had this promotion for glass LOTR goblets that would light up. I still have mine though the light no longer works. It’s the Arwen one.

    Ahh, Those were the days.

  3. Hi Britta,

    I see you have chosen to ignore the German “implications” of the products’ names … Gandalfian, I would say. Who would want to drink a Chai using Gandalf’s magic wand… Ah, the beauty of linguistic misunderstandings 😀

    @Victorialadybug: Did you also get the collectible figurines at BK? Horrible, right? 🙂

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  5. I’ll have the Uruk-chai latte please, it will get me by until bed and breakfast in Mordor…

  6. This.. is delicious.

  7. Oh, we didn’t have the Hot Chocolate with Gold Nut (featuring Kili). 🙁
    The only one missing! (I’ve got all of them, exept Kili. My favorite one .__.)