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Benedict Cumberbatch at the Cheltenham Literary Festival

UPDATED 9 October with full audio of Benedict’s interview at the CLF courtesy of Radio Times

Benedict Cumberbatch was at the Cheltenham Literary Festival last weekend. He spoke on a variety of topics, but this is what he had to say about Smaug and The Hobbit  when asked if it got really hot and sweaty in the motion capture suit.

“It does, it does it’s a brilliant thing to do. Motion Capture is the most ridiculously fun thing to do as an actor. You’re utterly utterly free to do what you want as an actor especially as I’m a reptile and not a mammal and so there are things that aren’t quite possible such as a tail and wings. It was such good fun. It was just as good fun as doing the voice.

What is so frustrating is some publicist who wanted to get my business in the US released this thing saying that I was voicing Smaug and it’s followed me around everywhere. I’m doing the movements! I worked for two days solid doing the motion capture for those scenes and I’m voicing it as well. And I did the motion capture for the Necromancer as well.”

To find out what Benedict said about Sherlock, August: Osage County, The Prince’s Trust charity and fame check out the full article on Cumberbatchweb. Many thanks to them for this information.


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  1. It’s good to see famous people coming to Cheltenham and that festivals are still running. I can’t wait until next year to come to stay in Hotel in Cheltenham and hopefully meet some famous people next year at Cheltenham’s Literature festival.