Middle-earth Network is Growing!

Middle-earth Network is growing!  Because of the wide variety of coverage we have in things Middle-earth and also coverage of projects of Middle-earth Network partners not related to Middle-earth, we have decided to organize the news, twitter and Facebook feeds in a new fashion.

Middle-earth Network LLC news will now flow through http://www.facebook.com/MiddleEarthNetwork and https://twitter.com/middleearthnet, while Middle-earth News, which covers Hobbit Movie, LOTR, and other media news directly related to Tolkien, will now be found at https://www.facebook.com/middleearthnews and https://twitter.com/MiddleEarthNews.  This will make it easier for our various news teams, as well as for fans & friends to filter the specific content they want from the Middle-earth Network.

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  1. Sigh, not sure I like some of the changes. I really liked being able to come to ONE place and not have to be “filtered” to other places where I may or may not see when information is posted because it scrolls off my timeline.

    Facebook is good for playing silly games but not really good for building relationships.

    Twitter, how can you build relationships 140 characters at a time? That only works if you are glued to your phone/computer and tweets are easily ignored or lost.

    Google + I find confusing and don;t go there.

    I am just afraid that the close friendships and home feeling here is being killed off and that makes me very, very sad.