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Panting, Exhausted, Action: Making The Hobbit

The Hollywood Reporter magazine carries a detailed article on the making of The Hobbit movie,  from its troubled beginnings to it becoming a trilogy in Peter Jackson’s hands.

Peter Jackson shares his thoughts about The Hobbit and there is a behind the scenes look at


Can you just be a lot more panting at the beginning?” Jackson asks the dwarves. “All of you are puffed. OK. Panting, panting,  exhausted and action!”


For each dwarf there were six wigs and eight beards.

“I’ve never done such a hairy movie,” says makeup and hair designer Peter King. “Everywhere you look, there are tables and racks of wigs and beards.” 

and crafts:

We had bookbinders, musical-instrument makers,” says production designer Dan Hennah. “Pretty much every craftsman you can imagine in Middle Earth was here.”

The first film in the trilogy, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is in cinemas from 14 December.



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  1. It was a very good, interesting article that explained a lot of the stuff that went on behind the scenes to get these films into production (including Del Toro’s departure), and then expanding into three films. But they kept refering to it as “Hobbit” instead of “The Hobbit”, and that got really annoying.

  2. I admit That I ended up having to agree, it did get annoying with the definite article constantly being removed from The Hobbit in the article. I also think Martin Freeman is right, in regards to Peter being more of a hobbit than he. In the article’s magazine cover-shot we see Jackson standing next to a seated Freeman. I’m sure if Martin was shown standing next to Jackson in the shot, then we would see the truer halfling… peace 🙂