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Eat Middle-earth Style at Denny’s this Fall! Exclusive Photos!

You may have already seen marketing for Denny’s Hobbity breakfasts if you recall those mysterious billboards we posted about a few days ago. We now have confirmation! On November 6, Denny’s will be launching its new tie-in campaign with ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’, complete with a Middle-earth-inspired menu that seems designed to get mouths watering. Their TV spot will begin airing on November 12, a little over a month ahead of the movie’s release date of December 14.

Our fearless News Director Arwen and her assistant Lily have made the perilous trek to get photos of the new menus:


“This is the most excited we’ve been about a promotion,” says John Dillon the VP of Marketing of Denny’s. You can see why! The menu features 11 breakfast items with names like “Gandalf’s Gobble Melt” “Shire Sausage” and “Hobbit Hole Breakfast”, which we can only hope Arwen and Lily get to sample in the test kitchen this afternoon!

We can also look forward to trading card packs that come with each Hobbit-inspired meal, as well as a Hobbit blog that Denny’s will use to further promotion of their unique fare.

Oh, and if you were curious about the translations of those baffling dwarfish billboards? Expert Arwen claims they say, “The Breakfast Ring of Middle-earth Awaits.”


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  1. OMGoodness! Yummy! Looks like many second breakfasts to me!!!

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  3. Most of that doesn’t look very Hobbity.

    Did they not read the chapter where the contents of Bilbo’s pantry were pretty much described? The Dwarfs ordered many things but I don’t see hamburgers or turkey on the list let alone those disgusting looking red velvet hush puppies.

    Sorry, they are going to have to do better than renaming the food already on their menu to the Hobbit theme names.

  4. I cant wait. I will be @ Denny’s this Friday or Saturday