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Cate Blanchett’s Secret Crush

Actress Cate Blanchett recently revealed to Empire magazine that working with Sir Ian McKellen has been the “highlight” of her career.

“What was extraordinary for me was getting to work with Ian McKellen,” she said. “I only briefly worked with him in ‘Lord Of The Rings’ and in my very small part in ‘The Hobbit’ it was mainly with him.

In addition to thinking that Sir Ian is one of the best actors in history, she also admitted to having a secret crush on him.

“He’s just a god amongst men. It’s a highlight of my career getting to act with him. He’s a wonderful man and one of the most extraordinary actors. I honestly think he’s one of the best of all time.

“I’m smitten. If only he were straight … In another life. Maybe in some different universe we’re blissfully happy together.”

You can read the full interview in this month’s 3D Hobbit issue of Empire magazine, which went on sale today.


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