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An Unexpected Journey begins a Day Earlier in NZ

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will be released in New Zealand  a whole day earlier than planned, on 12th December. The film will be shown at selected cinemas across New Zealand from midnight on 12th December, says  TVNZ.

General Manager of Roadshow Films NZ John Davie said New Zealand would be one of the first markets in the world to see Sir Peter’s film.

“Given the unprecedented level of interest in the film on a local level, we are delighted to be one of the first.”

Tickets go on pre-sale in New Zealand at 12.01 am online on 7 November and Jack Machiela of The Noldor Blog is hoping to get The Embassy Theatre to open it’s box office at that time too!  Jack says,

“It looks like Wellington MAY have a line party. We held Welly-moot (the meeting of Wellington’s Tolkien enthusiasts) at the Embassy Theatre yesterday. I spoke to the Elly, the manager there, and asked her when Hobbit tickets …would be available. She said at 12:01am Nov 7th (online), and 09:00am next morning (physical box office). I asked her if she would consider opening the physical box office at midnight as well, and she said she’d consider it IF she got enough demand for it.

Please if you know anyone in Wellington who wants to stand in line for the world’s FIRST official tickets (keep in mind our midnight happens an hour before anyone else’s midnight!!), get them to send an email to Elly, the manager of Wellington’s Embassy Theatre, at, with a subject of “Please open the Box Office at 12:0am, Nov 7th for Hobbit Tickets!”. If it opens, I plan to be there on the night – let’s see how many others we can get to join us!

Elly is a very nice person, and TOTALLY enthusiastic about The Hobbit, so please be nice to her when you email her!”

Will there be a line party at The Embassy? We’ll keep you posted

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