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Ori from ‘The Hobbit’ Will Be Playable in Guardians of Middle-earth

We’ve been reporting throughout the year about the video game Guardians of Middle-earth. With the December 4 release date fast approaching, the makers of the game are showing off playable characters with their Battle Profile videos.

Most recently announced were Ori, played by Adam Brown in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and Agandaur, a feared lieutenant of Sauron.


While most Dwarves prefer to dwell among the mountains delving for riches, Ori is one of the few who yearns find adventure in the wider world. Brother to Dori and Nori, Ori is also a remote kinsman of Thorin Oakenshield, the exiled King of Erebor. While he can wield an axe or hammer with as much skill as any Dwarf, his quill is as deadly as even the mightiest of Middle-earth’s blades!

In the distant past Agandaûr’s people were bent to the evil will of Sauron, and began to worship the dark arts. Over time the Black Númenóreans diminished in number, but their powers increased. When the Witch-king is absent from his seat of power in the North, Agandaûr spreads destruction in the name of the Dark Lord. Channeling his power into bolts of lightning, few can stand the torment Agandaûr inflicts upon his victims.

Check these two Guardians out in our latest Battle Profile!

Guardians of Middle-earth will be available for purchase at select North American retailers, as well as via download on Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network.

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