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Jewels Fit for The Hobbit Red Carpet

Three handcrafted pieces of jewellery inspired by The Hobbit will go in display in Wellington next week before being worn to the film’s premieres.

Jeweller Odette Anscombe-Smith created the pieces for her friend Carolynne Cunningham, who is a producer and assistant director on The Hobbit reports TVNZ Cunningham will wear one piece and the others may well be worn by stars on the red carpet.

“I don’t know which one she will wear – but she might farm [the others] out to Cate Blanchett or Miranda Kerr,” Anscombe-Smith said. Commenting on the jewellery she added,

“I wanted to make something that had unknown origins – something that could have been made by elves, could have been made by dwarves, something a dragon would covet,”

The pieces are a $15,000 moonstone and pink quartz necklace, a pair of  $7000 green elven-style earrings and a $5000 crystal skull pendant. They are on display 23 – 27 November at  art store Real Aotearoa, in Grey St, Wellington and will then tour the premieres in London and New York, before returning to New Zealand, perhaps to be sold.

“They’re not your usual everyday wear,” Anscombe-Smith said. “Who knows where they’ll end up.”



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