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Announcing an EXCLUSIVE Bonus Chapter from ‘The Wisdom of the Shire’

The Wisdom of the Shire: A Short Guide to a Long and Happy Life by Noble Smith was officially released in the US and UK last month.

If you long for the simple and well-fed life of a hobbit, this book is a great reference for The Shire’s answers to life’s questions. It explores subjects like food and health, friendship, and courage, with clever titles like, “Eat Like a Brandybuck, Drink Like a Took,” “Love in the Third Age,” and “Bearing the Burden of Your Ring.”

But one chapter you won’t find in the book is “The Children of the Shire.”

“It’s actually one of my favorites,” author Noble Smith said.

“I wrote it after The Wisdom of the Shire had already gone to press, so it was too late to include it in the hard cover.”

Middle-earth news is pleased to offer this never-before-read chapter in two parts that will be published Saturday, November 24 and Saturday, December 1. Join us then for this exclusive sneak peek!

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  1. Thanks Lily and Middle-earth News! I look forward to seeing this online.