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Dwarf-ify yourself with ‘The Hobbit’ App

Unless you are endowed with ample facial hair, turning yourself into a dwarf from The Hobbit usually means hours in the makeup chair.

Warner Bros. recently released a new app on their Hobbit website that can turn you into dwarf in significantly less time (though it may take a few minutes to load). You can choose any of the thirteen dwarves, or you could even try all of them!

After the app loads, you will be prompted to use your webcam to align your face appropriately. Once you’re fine-tuned, you pick a dwarf and try on their beard (or in the case of Kili, lack thereof).

At first, I was annoyed that I couldn’t just upload a photo I had already taken, but it it turns out that you wouldn’t get the complete experience if that were the case. Since the app knows basically where your face is, it adjusts based on your movements. Want a better look at Dwalin’s head tattoos? Just tilt your head down.

I thought this app sounded silly when I first heard about it, and it is, but in the best internet-time-wasting kind of way! I roped in my fellow Middle-earth News reporter, Rifflo, and I submit as evidence some of our attempts:

Try the app out and tell us what you think! You can share with your friends through social media or download the photos to your computer for posterity.

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One Comment

  1. Ha! That’s great but I’m sort and hairy enough as it is, no app needed to dwarf-ify me. 🙂