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The Hobbit, Beorn and Swedish Ticket Sales

Things have been rather quiet in Sweden for The Hobbit recently, which is suprising seeing as one of their biggest film stars, Mikael Persbrandt, is cast as Beorn. But this week there’s been news both of Mikael and of ticket sales.

Tickets for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey are, at last, about to go on sale in Sweden says SF Cinemas.  Fans will be able to pre-book tickets from 3 December. And they won’t have to wait too long  to see the film.  Sweden has one of the earliest release dates of 12 December.  There will also be midnight screenings at 00.01a.m. on 12 December. Tickets for the midnight shows are available a day earlier on Sunday 2 December.  The film will be shown in HFR3D in selected cinemas, which are still to be announced.

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed by Michael Persbrandt’s agent, Peter Jansson of TT spectra, that Mikael will not be appearing as Beorn in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Beorn will, however, be seen in both the second and third films.  This week Mikael can be found in Ireland at the Subtitle European Film Festival and Angela Awards, along with fellow Hobbit actor Aidan Turner.

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