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Medium Rare and Back Again: A Tolkien Cookbook

Authored by Middle-earth News Contributor Britta.

If you’ve ever wondered how to make some of the dishes in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, then here’s your chance to find out!

Massachusetts-based chef Heath Dill, who has catered at Corey Olsen’s Tolkien movie marathon events, has launched a campaign on Kickstarter to help fund his new book, Medium Rare and Back Again, which will feature at least 30 Tolkien-themed recipes alongside pictures, cooking tips, and commentary from both Dill and Olsen. Some of Dill’s recipes – which he aims to update in his cookbook – are already posted on his blog, Dillicious.

Samwise Gamgee’s Pork Pies

In the five days since he launched his campaign, Dill has already reached half of his $10,000 goal. If he can make 100% by December 20, the project will be a go, and any additional funds raised will be used to further expand upon this project. However, if he does not make 100%, the project will not be funded at all.

As a “thank you” to those who donate, Dill is offering several tiers of rewards, ranging from recipe cards and t-shirts to a signed copy of Olsen’s book, Exploring J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit,’ or even VIP tickets to one of Olsen’s Movie Marathon Events – catered, of course, by Dill himself.

If you can’t donate, don’t fret! You can still help by spreading the word to all your friends and family about this project.

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  1. Samwise Porkpies look amazing!

  2. victorialadybug says:

    Intriguing. . .

  3. Super cool!

  4. Hmmm…..I wanted to do this (contribute) but it’s demanding that I change my Amazon password. I’ve had the same one for several years and the Amazon site accepts it just fine – but the Amazon “Payments” site says I have to change it. ????

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