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BREAKING: Our Tour’s Exclusive Visit Inside The Green Dragon!

Here is a very special story from Arwen in New Zealand!

I’m going to backtrack a bit to our tour’s visit in Hobbiton last week. As I mentioned before, Ian Brodie, who planned out our itinerary, personally escorted us on our Hobbiton tour.

What I couldn’t mention before was we got to experience something no tour group has ever experienced. Until today.

You might have heard that they’ve been rebuilding The Green Dragon pub and that once finished, it will be open to Hobbiton tour groups, where they can stop in and get a pint of their specially brewed ale. That day is today.

And now that it’s officially open, I’m free to tell all of you that our tour group was the first group ever to eat and drink in The Green Dragon.

Walking over that bridge to the pub was surreal. There were still bits on the outside of the pub that needed finishing, but the inside was mostly done. Walking in, you’re greeted by barrels of ale on the left, and on the right, was a long table all set and waiting for our group. The pub looked amazing! Exposed beams, tiled floors, and Hobbity windows all came together to make it look just as it did in the films. It’s a very warm and welcoming feeling that envelopes you as you walk in, and that’s even before you taste-test the ale.

The food was fantastic and fit for any Hobbit-sized appetite! In the corner to the far right there was one lone arm chair. “It’s Bilbo’s chair” replied Ian when I asked. “It gives it just the right touch, there in the corner, don’t you think?” After a test sit and a few photos, I completely agreed.

The ale, if you’re wondering, was of the light variety  I’m not much for beer, but everyone there who was gave it two thumbs up, so I’d say that’s a good sign.

I lost count of how many times we sang through “The Green Dragon Drinking Song” and the experience will go down as one of the most memorable and enjoyable dinners I’ve had. The crew working on the pub did a fantastic job and if you ever get a chance to take the Hobbiton tour, make sure to stop by The Green Dragon for a pint.

Enjoy these photos – they are exclusive! How awesome is it to say we were the first group ever to have a pint at The Green Dragon??


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  1. Picture #12 = My table when I go!!

  2. Great photos! I can’t wait ’til i can get down to NZ for a nice, long vacation, which, unfortunately, won’t be for a couple of years. It’s great to see what they’ve done with Hobbiton. It must be totally bizarre walking about in such an iconic and beautiful locale.

    Also, i know they’re good practice and all, but you might want to tone it down on the watermarks. Makes it hard to enjoy the photos

  3. Long Expected Journeyfolk! You look way too happy!!!! IT COMES IN PINTS!

  4. Pure, Beautiful. Simple. You guys look like you’re living in paradise. Here’s to you!

  5. Philip Kosloski says:

    That is great!

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