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Special VIDEO Update from New Zealand!

Elvish, Kylie, and Arwen at The Hobbit Premiere!

We’ve been getting reports, photos, and short videos back from the group on Middle-earth Network’s Long Expected Journey to New Zealand, and they have been amazing!

Use these links to catch up on their trip updates so far:

John Di Bartolo was lucky enough to have a video call with Arwen and Elvish! Here they are to share their adventures with you!

Highlights include meeting celebrities on the red carpet at The Hobbit World Premiere, Hobbiton and the Green Dragon, and trekking to Edoras.

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  1. OH WOW!!! I cannot wait to see more! I will be going next year for sure. I was wiping away tears when Arwen said they were crying at Edoras.Full of awesome, thank you so much for sharing.