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Your Questions Answered by Jackson, Serkis, Freeman on ‘The Hobbit’ Unscripted

Fanatic. Enthusiast. Addict. Connoisseur.

These words could be used to describe those of us who search down every interview, every photo, really any bit of news about the Hobbit films. And, as with most things, it seems like the more we know, the more questions we have.

Have you ever wished an interviewer would ask your burning questions? Well, now is your chance!

As part of their “Unscripted” series, Moviefone wants you to submit your questions for their Hobbit episode, featuring writer/director/producer Peter Jackson, actor Martin Freeman, and actor/second unit director Andy Serkis.

You have until Tuesday, December 4 at 1 p.m. EST to submit questions by leaving a comment on this Moviefone article, or posting them on Moviefone’s Facebook page or on Twitter. Then watch “The Hobbit Unscripted” on December 10 to see if your questions made the cut.

Ask anything. You never know if Peter Jackson himself might respond.

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