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Limelight Cancels Midnight Premiere of The Hobbit

We are impatient, Precious…

You’ve got to feel for our Australian friends. Not only do they have to wait until Boxing Day (26 Dec) for   The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey to be released but now the midnight screenings at Limelight cinemas in Canberra have been cancelled.

Student, Emily Campbell, who bought tickets to the midnight screening back in November, only found out it was cancelled when she contacted Limelight to ask what logistics were in place for the hordes of fans who had planned to line up to see the film after Christmas dinner. She said,

Not only did I waste money buying tickets on a session that was cancelled, I also spent time and money making a costume and getting line parties organised,’

“I feel fans are being treated very unfairly and I see no reason why we can’t have a midnight session. I think there are hundreds of Hobbit fans in Canberra that are very disappointed with this decision.

”I was told [by Limelight staff] the distributor [Roadshow] didn’t want any midnight screenings taking place anywhere and that my three tickets would be refunded.”

A spokesman for Limelight Cinema said the screening was gearing up to be one of the best midnight sessions of 2012,  before it was cancelled on request of the distributor.

General manager Chris Bellgard told Canberra Times,

We had sold more than 150 tickets and it was looking like it would have absolutely killed it, which is a pity because we had some great ones this year with James Bond and Twilight.” 

Thanks to Emily Campbell and MENews friend Jack Machiela for this.

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