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EXCLUSIVE – Celebrate Yuletide with ‘The 12 Days of Bombur’

It’s awesome to to get presents and even better to be the giver of presents, and we’re most excited to give you ours!

Today is Christmas Eve, the traditional start of The 12 Days of Christmas, and we’ve cooked up a little something for all you Hobbit fans out there to enjoy during the holidays. Introducing, ‘The 12 Days of Bombur’!

I was honored by the very talented Stephen Hunter, Bombur the dwarf in ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’, with a Q&A interview. His answers were so enjoyable to read, I had to spread the cheer. Instead of  putting them all in one post, why not spread them out and enjoy them?

Starting today, ‘The 12 Days of Bombur’ will be posted on Middle-earth News, featuring one Q&A with Stephen every day, for 12 days. Join us as we get an inside look at the actor behind the suit and braided beard – and learn what the cast affectionately calls the beard – in this exclusive interview.

Without further ado, I give you: The 12 Days of Bombur – Day 1

Arwen: What spurred you on to try out for the roll of Bombur the dwarf?

Stephen: Well I actually auditioned for Gloin – I think a few of the kiwis did. I felt good after the casting, I thought that I had a good chance of being one of the dwarves. Bomber was in the back of my mind I guess after that. As it turned out, he was the perfect character for me.

Look for tomorrow’s post ‘The 12 Days of Bombur – Day 2’, where Stephen talks about his reaction to landing his role as Bombur.

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