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The 12 Days of Bombur – Day 7

Today is Day 7 of ‘The 12 Days of Bombur’, where Stephen talks about his input into Bombur’s character, design, and personality. Missed yesterday’s Q&A? Click here!

Arwen: In a recent interview with Middle-earth News, Richard Armitage revealed the oak shield Thorin carries around in AUJ was an idea he’d come up with, which Peter Jackson liked and asked Weta to create. Do you have any similar stories concerning Bombur? Did you have any input into his character design or personality?

Stephen: There were little things – usually related to cooking and my love of food. But to be honest, the design team had done such an amazing job on Bombur, all I had to do was just wear it and add my own personality to him on screen. I guess it was my choice to have him eating almost constantly.  I thought as much as he respected the journey, Thorin, and the Royal line of Durin – it still wasn’t quite as important to him as a nice meat pie or tea cake.

Look for tomorrow’s post ‘The 12 Days of Bombur – Day 8’, otherwise known as, “The Night of the Eggs!”

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