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The 12 Days of Bombur – Day 12

Today is Day 12 of ‘The 12 Days of Bombur’, where Stephen talks the film’s promotional tour. Missed yesterday’s Q&A? Click here!

Arwen: How was all the promotional touring for you? Did you get to meet many of your fans at the Wellington Premiere or the Royal Performance? Any fun fan moments or stories you’d like to share with all the #teambombur fans reading this? Are there any fun and memorable moments you shared with the cast during filming that you can tell us about?

Stephen: The Premiere Tour was unbelievable. I’ve only just got back so I’m still trying to process it all. The Wellington Premiere was amazing, and surprisingly relaxing considering it was my first red carpet. I met a lot of fans and signed as many posters & pictures & wizard hats as I possible could. New York was fantastic – although I think I was jetlagged the whole time, and London and the Royal Premiere was very special as we were looked after so well over there.

As far as fun and memorable moments go, there are just so many. Most involve my dwarf brothers in the trailer park or on set just clowning around like adolescent schoolboys. That continued on the Premiere tour as well, as you would have seen on some of the interviews.

We hope you enjoyed ‘The 12 Days of Bombur’ this Yuletide season! Many, many thanks to Stephen Hunter for sharing his thoughts and memories with us all, we are truly honored.

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