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The Hobbit – Pirated

Bilbo_MirkwoodThe Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey became the victim of pirates yesterday, when a website offered 230 versions of  free, illegal,  downloads. reported that one user, who had downloaded two versions of the film, had had 180,000 downloads from their account.

The film was supplied with a series of watermarks, added to preview copies in an attempt to reduce the risk of piracy, and the user had spent time trying to rid the copies of these.

“As you can imagine it took some time, loads of security in it, days of work I can tell you, all for the security of the source,” the person wrote.

Whilst Warner Brothers declined to comment, Tony Eaton, executive director of New Zealand Federation Against Copyright Theft (NZFACT),said:

“We are prepared to take all steps necessary to identify the thieves and pursue our available remedies under civil and criminal law.”

Eaton urged people to watch The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey at cinemas, or on official subsequent DVD and Blu-ray releases, rather than source pirated copies.

“Illegal downloading has a serious impact on the creative industries, jeopardising the jobs and livelihood of all those involved in bringing this film to fans in New Zealand and all over the world.”

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  1. It was only a matter of time.

  2. I paid to see it. worth every penny.

  3. victorialadybug says:

    I think that if they offered digital downloads for immediate purchase when a movie premiers as a choice to those who do not like going to theaters it might drastically cut down on pirating.

    • Offering digital copies would only cut down on a few people downloading the pirated material. What it would do is make it easier for pirates to copy the movie and share it!

  4. I don’t get the pirated movie thing. Sure it’s cheaper and even free to get PMs but they are nothing compared to the actual, big screen experience you get when watching a movie at the cinema. That’s just me tho…

    • I agree. It doesn’t beat the experience of a full screen with great sound, even though home theatres are getting fancier. (I have a 12″ screen myself) we still went to watch it twice, in IMAX. We’re thinking of going again to see the 2D version in the theatre. I think the part of socializing and making friends with other movie goers fun, since you can talk about your impressions afterward. (regarding deviations from the book) You can’t meet new people watching it from home. We definitely will be buying when it comes out in DVD though.