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2 Hours of Bonus Features in French Blu-Ray Hobbit

TheHobbit_Bilbo1Sht_Dom_loThe Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey may still be playing in our cinemas but news of the DVD and  Blu-Ray release is very welcome.

It seems that Amazon France are the first to offer details of the discs, according to .  They report that the discs contain 2 hours of extras, including  a “Making Of” and ten videoblogs, but that no commentaries are listed. The 3D version is split across two Blu-rays whereas the 2D version is on one.  Steelbooks with3D  lenticular covers are available.

These specifications are obviously for the French version of  The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey but, whilst we wait and see what the US and UK specs bring, I can’t imagine they will be very different.

Amazon France lists the release date as 17 April 2013

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