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Dambusters May Influence The Battle of Five Armies

HobbitNewsmarquee11Back in 2006, Peter Jackson announced his intention to re-make the 1954 classic film The Dambusters.  The film tells the story of how, during World War II, the Dambusters raid saw members of the 617 Squadron launch attacks on German dams using bouncing bombs. The raids were led by Guy Gibson and took place in May 1943.

The Dambusters project has sat on the side-lines whilst films like Tintin and The Hobbit have gone ahead, but now Peter Jackson has confirmed that the scale models of the Lancaster Bomber plane have already been built and that he remains committed to making the film, reports This Is Lincolnshire.

Peter said,

“Dambusters is on hold waiting for me to finish The Hobbit. It wasn’t something I intended to get involved in as much as I did and The Dambusters has just had to sit on the sidelines.

“But it’s there. The Lancasters are built. We’ve got ten built for us sitting in storage. And it’s ready to go as soon as we possibly can.”

And would Peter Jackson take inspiration from the Dambusters for the eagles in the Battle of Five Armies?

“It wouldn’t be bad to arm them with bouncing bombs, would it?” he said.

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