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University of Oxford Launches 3-Day Tolkien School

Beloved author J.R.R. Tolkien spent much of his life in Oxford, and it is probably one of the most popular pilgrimage sites for fans of his work. Our own reporter, Evie, visited and photographed some of the top sites last summer.

TolkienOxford1968To delve deeper into Tolkien’s life and work, The University of Oxford have just announced a special Oxford Tolkien Spring School organized by the Faculty of English Language and Literature.

Dr Stuart Lee of the English Faculty said, “Many people will have read novels such as The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, or seen the filmed adaptations, but have had little opportunity to take this further.

“At the spring school, world-leading Tolkien scholars will talk about Tolkien’s life, his work as an academic, his mythology, the influences of medieval literature on his fiction, his languages, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and his other lesser known works.”

The school will take place from March 21-March 23, and is open to the public. Attendance fee for the whole event is £160, including refreshments; plus an optional banquet on the evening of the 22nd March at Balliol College for £40.

The school is anticipated to be very popular, so book early! You can register here.

For a full schedule and details on the speakers, click here.

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  1. daniel cote says:

    Hi there,
    Are you attending this event?, I am trying to find tickets for it, as they are no longer available on the website. Do you know of anyone going who I may be able to go with etc.
    I am a post-graduate in Theology, with a great interest in Faith, Art, Literature and Culture.

    Kind regards,

    Daniel Cote Davis