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Peter Jackson: Knight in Shining Armour

Peter_JacksonA German tourist’s nightmare was turned into a dream by Peter Jackson.

Nicole Kleinhoelting returned to her car after a Lord of the Rings tour in Wellington, to find the car had been broken into and a bag with all her clothes and toiletries, a hard-drive with her holiday photos and her passport, stolen.

As news of the theft spread, Nicole received offers of help from Wellingtonians,  including one very special one indeed.  Peter Jackson and his partner Fran Walsh, offered to replace her hard-drive and give her a private tour through their Miramar studios.

Nicole said she was overwhelmed with their kindness and that of other Wellingtonians. She said,

“I came over here for Lord of the Rings because I’m a huge fan, I’ve watched each movie about 40 or 50 times, but I never thought something like this would happen.”

Police found Nicole’s backpack discarded near Mt Victoria with her passport in it, but with no sign of her hard-drive, says Dominion Post.




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  1. Way to go, PJ!!

  2. Indeed!

  3. That’s wonderful!