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Oloris Publishing Acquires Silver Leaves Journal

oloris-1As The White Tree Fund closes its doors, Silver Leaves Journal finds a new home.

Oloris Publishing is excited to announce the recent acquisition of Silver Leaves Journal, formerly the official journal of The White Tree Fund. On January 16, 2013, the announcement was made that The White Tree Fund was closing its doors. “It was a tough decision to make but I think it’s the right one for me. It was an adventure of the heart and I’m eternally grateful to the amazing people who joined me on it,” says Lara Sookoo, founder of the charitable organization.

For eight years the organization enthusiastically raised awareness and funds for various causes. Inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, in particular the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Sookoo founded The White Tree Fund as a way for the Tolkien community to give back to the world in which they live. “The theme of ‘fellowship’ is very strong in the books,” observed Sookoo. It was that sense of fellowship that carried over to the publication of the Silver Leaves Journal.

The mission of the Silver Leaves Journal was twofold: to raise funds for The White Tree Fund and to give members of the Tolkien community in particular, and the fantasy community in general, a place to publish regardless of their status. The response was incredible. Highly visible and established authors and artists freely offered their works for publication, as well as, first time authors and artists. With the focus on the love of fellowship, not the person, the journal has enjoyed a rich and varied content that is highly respected.

Oloris Publishing will continue with the same high ideals, so fans of Silver Leaves need not be concerned about any changes. The editorial team is remaining with the journal, so the transition is a smooth one. In fact, founder and chief visionary, Lara Sookoo, will remain as Editor in Chief of Silver Leaves. The move to Oloris Publishing will allow the journal and its editorial team more exciting opportunities and an ability to reach a greater number of fans within Tolkien and fantasy communities. As Sookoo said in her announcement, “Stay tuned for a different kind of adventure.”

SilverLeavesIssue3Silver Leaves Journal is calling for submissions for our fifth issue, to be published by Oloris Publishing.

The theme of this issue will be ‘The Hobbit.‘ Silver Leaves is welcoming artwork submissions, and all academic, journalistic, reflective, and creative submissions pertaining to The Hobbit (and Hobbits generally). There is also limited room for creative and non-fiction submissions relating to Tolkien’s works, or to other fantasy works, which may fall outside of the theme of Issue #5. Publication is set for September 22, 2013 in both print and electronic formats. The deadline for all submissions is June 1, 2013.

For submission guidelines, please visit our site:
http://olorispublishing. silver-leaves-journal-call- for-submissions/

To learn more about past and current issues of Silver Leaves, please visit the Oloris Publishing website, or follow Silver Leaves on Facebook and Twitter. To contact the Editors of Silver Leaves, please email

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