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Weta managed to get their hands on three recipes from the kitchen at Bag End! Get ready to cook Lamb Stew, Stuffing, and Pastry Cakes, but remember: these are ancient documents; you will find that some measurements used are equally ancient . You may need to improvise the size of a ‘noggin of sugar’ or ‘scruple of butter’ for your Pastry Cakes. (Lily Milos)

Essex-based online fancy dress retailer, All Fancy Dress has noted a ‘growing trend’ of enquiries and purchases of Bilbo Baggins outfits with partygoers choosing to enjoy a night on the tiles dressed as the elf-like clan. Steve John, of All Fancy Dress, said, “Stag dos are one of the biggest reasons why we have been receiving more interest in elf-themed fancy dress. As in the recent hit film, Hobbits stick together and appear to be a very topical choice of fancy dress for group parties.” (Lily Milos)

The Saul Zaentz Company, owners of far too many Tolkien-related trademarks, filed for a specific new trademark for the term “Middle-Earth” in relation to its use in amusement parks. With Universal Studios in Orlando already appealing to book and fantasy lovers alike with The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the Saul Zaentz Co. has ensured that if Universal wants to build The Shire, the dues will have to be paid to them. (Arwen Kester)


Who is Glorfindel, you ask? Glorfindel is awesome! (Arwen Kester)

Todd Lieberman, The Muppets…Again! producer,  talked to MovieFantatic about the upcoming Muppets sequel. He brought up everyone’s favorite elf, Figwit/Lindir. “We got Bret McKenzie back to do the music! It has tons of new songs, and some old favorites,” Lieberman said. (Lily Milos)

Ra Vincent, who worked on The Lord of the Rings trilogy, is one of three men from The Hobbit production design team who have been nominated for an Academy Award for their work on the set of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. caught up with Vincent to talk about Oscar buzz and his work on The Hobbit. (Evie Bowman)

The guys from regularly treat readers to their Abridged movie scripts; even if you love the movie, its impossible not to enjoy their version. For your reading pleasure, here’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Abridged. (Lily Milos)

The Onion talks with die-hard fans about their reactions to seeing Peter Jackson’s adaptation of the Denny’s Hobbit Menu to the big screen. “Hobbit” Menu Fan Justin Mehra said, “I think you’ll still like the movie if you haven’t been to Denny’s, but there might be some parts you don’t get.” (Lily Milos)

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