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Hobbit Feest 2012

This coverage comes in from Middle-earth News friend Becky Dillon:
Hobbit Feest 2012, 17-18 November 2012, Baarlo, NL
As a response to the EU Arts and Culture grant awarded to the two groups, DTG (Deutsche Tolkien Gesellschaft) and Unquendor (NL Tolkien Society), Hobbit Feest was created to support the “Hobbit Jaa|hr” programme for the education and shear fun of the 75th anniversary of the book, by JRR Tolkien. Although turn out was not what was expected due to a clash of holiday dates in the Netherlands, all those who participated thoroughly enjoyed the programme and will continue to support all of the follow-on activities.
The event was generally organised by Sebastian Kleinen and the DTG Group for their comrades in Unquendor.
The programme was hosted by Kasteel de Berckt, Baarlo, in its new building, built entirely with original stone from the town walls (c. 1200). Even accommodation was available in the same space as was light dining and a bar. Hospitality was exceptional, and many of the staff participated. Kudos to Niek Nagels and Company for their excellent work! 
As part of the programme, two re-enactment groups attended. The Fellow Ship is a medieval group devoted to the arts and sciences of the period, and demonstrated their knowledge of dance with music provided by members on period instruments.  Each “dance” saw more and more joining in. The music, provided by Verus Viator, was infectious and everyone stopped to listen!
Ennorandirrim is a group of field re-enactors driven inside by the rain! Their table was always open, however, for a cup of tea, a biscuit and lively conversation!  
All of both groups, true to their interests, maintained costumed appearance and added to the wonderful atmosphere of the common areas.
Included in the programme were several interesting speakers and workshop events, for those so inclined. Speakers ranged from Renée Vink (“Jewish Dwarves”) and Dr Christian Weichmann (“Tolkien’s Imaginery Voyages”), to Myk Jung (“Lord of the Earrings”) and included workshops on Fantasy Art by Jenny Dolfen and miniature modeling.  Commercial space was also available offering everything from books, collectables and costuming elements to fine art, and a large gaming area was available for the entire length of the event.  
A great time was had by all and we raise a flagon of “Rosie’s Best” to all who attended and helped make this a wonderful week end!
Article by Becky Dillon
Photo credit to Hugo Vermaas, Albert Gelderman, Tim Rombouts, and www.fellow-ship.de


  1. Lools like they had a lot of fun! Thanks for the story John!

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  3. Both Fellow-Ship and Ennorandirrim are Middle-earth re-enactment groups in the first place, though Fellow-Ship has branched out into mediaeval re-enactment. There actually was a third Middle-earth re-enactment group involved, Fedegestas. Though I don’t think they had adopted their name at the time they were certainly there as a separate identity.