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Amazon to Sell The Hobbit Memorabilia

Have you ever wanted your very own little piece of  The Hobbit?  Well. now it seems, you may be able to buy it on Amazon.

Amazon’s new  Entertainment Collectables Store will start selling as many as 350,000 items of memorabilia, including costumes and props from movies, recordings and TV.

The new Amazon store has items from Premiere Props, of El Segundo, California, which has sold props from more than 500 movies since 2001 and claims to be the top online vendor of movie memorabilia, reports International Business Times.

“Amazon provides an incredible platform for us to engage movie and television fans and collectors,” Daniel Levin, executive VP of Premiere Props, said.

As well as The Hobbit, there are items from Star Wars and  The Twilight Saga, Bradley Cooper’s running costume from Silver Linings Playbook and items from individuals like Elvis and Marilyn Monroe.


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  2. Wow. Amazon sells everything these days… except souls. Can’t wait till they sell those so I can order some for a couple folks I know.

  3. I love Amazon. They continue to impress me with each order I place.