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Weta’s New Bombur Statue

Today Weta Workshop released a scale figure of Bombur which is their first Limited Edition 1/6 scale figure from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Bombur Statue from Weta

Bombur may be somewhat innocent in the ways of the world and not as well travelled or experienced as some of his older companions, nor has he ever seen the object of the Quest, the Lonely Mountain they seek to reclaim, but he is brave, doughty and as loyal as he is capable with his ladle – a surprisingly effective weapon when swung like a hammer.” – Weta

This Bombur the Dwarf statue was sculpted by Scott Spencer and Greg Tozer and it takes about 400-500 hours to complete the prototype of each new character.  Each statue is hand painted and is a Limited Edition of 1,000.

This is the sixth of Weta’s 1/6 scale character figures from AUJ. The other five are:

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