Middle-earth News Rings in the Gondorian New Year with a New Look!

You might notice a slight change on Middle-earth News today. Ok, “slight” is a vast understatement. Our website has received a total face-lift, and we’re rather excited about it!

When I first launched the Middle-earth News Twitter account on January 12, 2011, I had no idea how fast it was going to grow. Within a month I realized the next step would be to start reporting news. That, of course, entailed the lovely task of creating a website, something of which I’d never done before. I’ve always pictured Middle-earth News as a Shire-printed paper, lovingly read-through, and placed on Bilbo’s desk next to a steaming cup of hot tea. However, two years ago, taking that idea and turning it into a web design, was way beyond my skills.

Thankfully, two years can teach you many things, and this past fall, I decided it was time to give Middle-earth News the look I’ve always wanted it to have. Thanks to the genius of the Middle-earth Network’s Web Designer of Awesomeness (if it’s not his official title, it should be), my design for Middle-earth News is now a reality.

I’m not going to lie, I’m super proud of it’s new look. And my sincere hope is that this new design evokes the same thoughts as it does each time I view it: that at any moment, Bilbo will come by, pick up his paper, and have a good read by the fireplace in his favorite armchair.

Happy Gondorian New Year and Tolkien Reading Day, everyone!


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  1. Loving the new design Arwen! All good cheer to the Awesome Web-designer! 😀

  2. Looks Great!

  3. I love the new template!!