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New Website from Tolkien Artist: Ruth Lacon

The MyMiddle-earth Network now hosts the website for Tolkien-inspired artist, Ruth Lacon at!

“Ruth Lacon was born in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.  An avid reader in childhood, she cannot remember when she first read The Hobbit, admits that she encountered The Lord of the Rings ‘too early’, and managed the unusual feat of reading The Silmarillion before she was fourteen (which she ascribes to being blissfully ignorant that it might be a ‘difficult book’).  Having done well at high-school in science (she says that she hated blowing things up, so took extra care) but not the humanities, Ruth took her first degree at the University of Aberdeen, gaining a B.Sc in Zoology.  It was while Ruth was at Aberdeen that she joined the Tolkien Society of Great Britain, and was soon contributing art to various Society projects, including covers for the bulletin Amon Hen, and illustrations to stories in Nigglings, at that time the publication of the creative writers’ interest group within the Tolkien Society.”via Ruth’s bio page

Smaug Over Lake-Town by Ruth Lacon

Smaug Over Lake-Town by Ruth Lacon

You can read more about Ruth on her bio page and in an interview with Middle-earth News. She’s created art for many of Tolkien’s works such as The Silmarillion, The Hobbit and Roverandom. Don’t forget to visit her “Gallery” and “My Art” page to learn and see more of her beautiful artwork!

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