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Tolkien Reading Day via the Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship

Recently, we hosted some of Peter Kenny’s Tolkien-inspired poetry.  Now, the Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship (of which Peter is a key member) has sent us the highlights of what they did on Tolkien Reading Day.  Please enjoy the readings of excerpts of Tolkien’s works, along with meeting some of their members.  A truly great group of people!


The Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship – Mission

To create a greater awareness and appreciation of all J.R.R. Tolkien’s works and all that is associated with his world.

To meet people with similar interests and to develop relationships.

To create social events to bring people together with friends and family.

To create events where people can share, knowledge, skills and ideas.


The Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship has a registered charity which is called The Fortinbras Proudfoot Esq. Foundation.


They are an incorporated non-profit organization supporting charities engaged in literacy/education areas through organizing fund and awareness-raising drives and events within communities dedicated to exploring fantasy and mythology through study, literature, art, music and film:

  • To support the development of children’s education through Literacy
  • To support literacy initiatives and programs assisting children and adults
  • To contact agencies and groups currently engaged in programs supporting literacy programs
  • To form a core group to promote fundraising events


More Links

This is a link to their website which will give you some more information about them and their Tolkien Reading Day. It will tell you who was involved etc.:

They also have an invitation only Brisbane Tolkien Chat Room on Facebook:

And an open page called Hobbits, the Smallest of People…which is a fan page for Tolkien/Hobbit-y news…and it is a sort of Flagship for their Charity:

…and if you can invite people to follow them, it would be gratefully appreciated!

They have a number of fundraising initiatives organised for this year, and the bigger the numbers are that are following them, the more support we believe they can generate for their events and Foundation!

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  1. Peter Kenny says:

    Thank you so much for this article. The Brisbane group is very appreciative. Our next major project is to have a stall and display at Supanova (like ComicCon event), Gold Coast here in Oz. We will keep you posted on anything we do of interest. Looking forward to a continuing association.