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Available Summer 2013: Songs of Sorrow and Hope – The Art of Jenny Dolfen

Enter worlds of fantasy, myth and legend in a new title to be released this summer by Oloris Publishing: ‘Songs of Sorrow and Hope’ – The Art of Jenny Dolfen

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (March 28, 2013) –

Oloris Publishing has acquired the rights to the first book from artist and illustrator Jenny Dolfen. Songs of Sorrow and Hope – The Art of Jenny Dolfen is tentatively scheduled for summer 2013.

Jenny Dolfen is known for bringing to life characters from Celtic fantasy, the legendarium of J.R.R. Tolkien, and traditional folk tales. Working in traditional media such as watercolours and pencil, combined with digital media, her flowing artistic style reflects a blending of such influences as the Art Nouveau movement, the illustrations of Arthur Rackham, and the aesthetics of contemporary graphic novel illustration.

In a showcase of more than fifty illustrations, Songs of Sorrow and Hope will guide fantasy fans and art enthusiasts alike through an exploration of Jenny’s artistic output, accompanied by narratives, reflections and insights from the artist herself. The focus will be on her original artwork inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings, and on pieces created to accompany Dolfen’s own Rhyddion Chronicles, a Celtic fantasy set in medieval Wales and inspired both by historical events surrounding the freedom wars of the thirteenth century, and by the legends of the Mabinogion.

“In all the tales, fictional or historical, that I have ever really loved, there is a rich tapestry of folklore and myth that reverberates in the tales themselves, which fascinates and inspires me. Tales of sorrow and of hope have always been among my favourites. From the Germanic myths and Tolkien’s works (especially ‘The Silmarillion’ with its strong emphasis on hope among sorrow), to historical figures who faced overwhelming odds, I’ve always been moved by them, and they’ve always moved me to create art.”
~ Jenny Dolfen

Jenny Dolfen is a freelance illustrator and a teacher of Latin and English currently living in Western Germany with her husband and two children. She currently blogs about her artwork at Jenny’s Sketchbook, and more of her work can be viewed in her DeviantArt galleries.

Facebook users can follow Jenny’s updates via The Art of Jenny Dolfen.

“Jenny has created some of the most compelling and spectacular visualizations of Middle-earth that I’ve ever seen. Her imagery has a lyrical quality and depth that captures both your heart and your imagination. We are so incredibly honoured to be able to bring this marvelous and inspiring book to fans. It will be a must-have for fantasy fans and art lovers everywhere.” ~ L. Lara Sookoo, publisher

About Oloris Publishing

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