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Want to know the most amazing thing about this cosplay of Fili and Kili from The Hobbit? It was completed in only a week! (Myla)

He might be best known as a comedian and actor, but it turns out Billy Connolly is something of an artist too. He explains, “I still think of it as a luxury, really. It’s like meditation. Sometimes I’ll be out or doing something, and then I think, ‘I’ll go and have a draw now.’ I like the isolation of being alone, on a page.” Some limited edition prints of his work are going on show at the Wall to Wall Gallery in the Metquarter in Whitechapel in Liverpool. These latest six pieces reflect an evolving style and experimentation with composition and colour, and were created on location in New Zealand filming The Hobbit. (Evie Bowman)

The shift to digital has taken its toll on Peter Jackson’s 35mm film post production lab, and the Lord of the Rings director has reportedly decided to shutter this arm of the company as a result. However, Park Road will keep its sound, picture, VFX, and the digital lab divisions open for business. “We have always been incredibly proud of the quality of the Lab and said we would be the last Lab standing. That has been true in New Zealand for the last 12 months or so, but unfortunately the shift in digital acquisition and exhibition, has meant that this part of our business has now become commercially unsustainable,” General manager Cameron Harland said in a recent note to clients. (Evie Bowman)


Deviantartist sekiq has created some brilliant Richard Armitage portraits, but this one of Thorin is by far our favorite! (Arwen Kester)

Arguably one of the most memorable characters in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was the eccentric wizard Radagast the Brown. ClickOnline chatted with actor Sylvester McCoy about keeping secrets, playing in Middle Earth, and being upstaged by a hedgehog. (Evie Bowman)

High Frame Rate technology was a key discussion point and frequent whipping boy at the first international 3D Creative Summit in London this week where Phil Oatley and Meetal Gokul of Peter Jackson’s New Zealand-based Park Road Post presented a showcase on The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey on March 28. The showcase drew a lot of interest and was one of the best attended sessions of the two-day event. However, HFR cynics were out in force across other panels and The Hobbit was on the receiving end of much of the criticism. Variety has the reactions from many attendees. (Evie Bowman)

Were you bothered by the way Bilbo stored bread in his pantry? Annoyed by blades that weren’t glowing blue? Agree or disagree, chances are this video will give you a laugh. Do you have any movie sins you would add to the list? (Arwen Kester)

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  1. The video guy has obviously not read the books so why bother posting his critique here?

  2. Kathy Lecorchick says:

    honestly i did not think it was funny at all if you want to nit pick why not nit pick about what they actually changed and added that is not in the book at all

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