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Singapore’s Upcoming Screening of The Fellowship of the Ring with Live Soundtrack

Some exciting news for Tolkien fans in Singapore!

A screening of The Fellowship of the Ring will be held in June at the Star Performing Arts Centre. This will be the public debut of the newly formed Metropolitan Festival Orchestra, a Singapore independent professional group featuring freelance musicians, says Straits Times.


A version of the movie with spoken dialog will be shown while the orchestra, consisting of about 250 musicians and singers, performs along with the action. (I once had the chance to see a screening of The Fellowship of the Ring with live music some years ago and it was such a great experience!)

The movie will be shown on a 60-foot screen and the production is predicted to cost at least $1 million to stage.

“We’re beginning with a bang,” says the orchestra’s music director and associate director for ensembles and professional development at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory, Chan Tze Law.

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