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Black Milk Releases More Fab Middle-earth Clothing

Earlier in the year we talked to Black Milk about their The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit inspired clothing line. Now we’re delighted to bring you news of the latest releases from their Middle-earth collection.

Dresses, leggings and even swimsuits are available.  Some, like the fabulous Giant Ring leggings, are made to order, but most can be bought direct from the Black Milk website. ( Double click on their pictures for a closer look).


Image courtesy of Black Milk Clothing

The Hobbit collection includes:

  • Contract Leggings
  • Dwarves Montage Leggings
  • Giant Ring Leggings – Made to Order
  • Ringed in Gold Leggings – Made to Order
  • Legolas Dress
  • Legolas Swimsuit
  • Middle Earth Map Dress
  • Dwarf Names Leggings
  • Doorway Dress
  • Hobbit Montage Dress
  • Ring Swimsuit

Check out Black Milk Clothing and before you know it, you could have Legolas on your front and Thorin on your thighs





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  1. Tree of Gondors swimsuit and Middle-earth Map leggings are my favourite!!

  2. Her’s their original Middle Earth piece. Rare now, and is not made by Black Milk anymore.