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‘Home Sweet Hole’ Now Available in Paperback

Home_Sweet_Home_coverThis past March I had the privilege of reviewing Lynn Dean’s new book, Home Sweet Hole: A Folio of Feasible Fantasy Floor Plans, featuring 12 detailed floor plans sure to capture any fantasy fan’s eye . At the time, it was only available through Kindle, but I am excited to announce it is now also available in paperback!

For over 30 years, Lynn has worked as a residential designer, using her talents to focus customers on environmentally friendly designs. Home Sweet Hole shows that fantasy home designs can go beyond the realm of make-believe, turning fascinating ideas into environmentally friendly floor plans and sparking endless possibilities in our fandom-loving minds.

To read my full review of Home Sweet Hole, click here.

Be sure to claim your Home Sweet Hole copy today: available on Kindle ($2.99 USD) or in paperback on Amazon ($7.99).

Follow the official Home Sweet Hole Facebook page for updates and info.

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful reviews. The response of Middle-earth News readers is very encouraging.

    For anyone interested, Home Sweet Hole has a Facebook page where I hope to explore the hows and whys of Hobbit architecture. Should be fun! 🙂

  2. I love this and bought one! 🙂

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