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Oloris Publishing Celebrates First Anniversary with the Launch of New Imprint Koru Books

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (May 1, 2013) – Oloris Publishing celebrates its first anniversary with the announcement of a new venture into Young Adult literature. Continuing on its dynamic adventure, Oloris Publishing is launching its YA imprint, Koru Books. Young Adult literature is an exciting market, full of opportunities for authors to reach young readers and Oloris is pleased to bring fresh stories to this audience, as well as to provide opportunities for writers in this category.

“Koru” (from Māori, among its meanings “loop; coil; curled shoot”) refers to a spiral, unfurling shape symbolic of new life, growth, strength and peace. Koru Books embodies this sense of renewal and growth by fostering authors of Young Adult fiction with fresh tales to be added to our collective human story-telling traditions. Koru authors reflect and enhance the essence of personal growth, positive change, and awakening through their stories. Koru stories will be able to be enjoyed for many years as each generation discovers these hidden jewels of YA fiction. Current release will be from the sci-fi and fantasy genres, but other genres will be welcomed and represented as well.

Koru Books is launching with three titles for 2013:

  • The Forgotten Legacy Chronicles by T. S. Wolf: A Young Adult series that will entertain all. An irresistible story in which the main character never gives up on his mission … and his companions never give up on him.
  • Pierside by Emily Spahn: A strange vigilante has appeared in the city of Pierside. Unkillable and knowing far more than any man should, he has begun meting out his own harsh brand of justice in this city known for corruption.
  • Quest for the Rose by Janet A. Reedman: An exciting, fast-paced story. A tale of an unlikely hero caught up in a mission that changes her… and her world in the process.

More projects are in production for 2014.

About Oloris Publishing

Oloris Publishing is a dynamic venture that seeks to expand the vision of traditional publishing by welcoming and showcasing vibrant, new voices, and embracing various media for their expression. We believe that the publishing process should be a true collaboration, in which our authors and illustrators are very involved so that their own voices truly shine. Visit Oloris on the Internet at and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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