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Thorin In Love

Richard_Armitage_MarqueeWhen Richard Armitage, who plays Thorin in The Hobbit, was interviewed by Alice Tynan for The Vine recently, she had the chance to ask him some questions that had come through from fans on Twitter.

RichardArmitageNet asked if Richard could have asked Tolkien a question what would it have been?  Here’s his reply,

Gosh. That’s interesting. About Thorin [I would ask Tolkien] “Was there ever a lost love?” Because he seems to be someone who is so without that kind of personal love. And I sort of did create that for myself in the biography; that maybe there was somebody – a princess or someone – in Erebor that got lost when the dragon came. Because he doesn’t really have that romantic relationship in his life. It’s not a very dwarf thing – there are so few dwarf women.

TheVine: And they have facial hair, no?

Richard Armitage: They have facial hair, the women do, yeah. But I also imagine, if you’re a prince, that it would be sort of prerequisite that you needed produce an heir, and so I just wonder if there was that part of his life that had ever existed and had maybe been lost. So I wrote it in for myself. So that’s probably what I’d ask Tolkien.

You can read The Vine interview and the Twitter Q&As  here

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