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Turbine Announces New LOTRO Expansion


Lord of the Rings Online fans rejoice!

In an April 24th press release, Turbine has announced a fifth expansion for the epic online world of Middle-earth, scheduled for ‘Fall 2013’. Players will become even more immersed into Rohan, the region which was first introduced in the Riders of Rohan expansion.

Fight for the good of all free peoples, by enlisting as a soldier in the Battle of the Hornburg. Rewards will be earned for contributions in the war effort and every player makes a difference in the outcome of the battle.

Along with the massive Battle of Helms Deep, Turbine also plans to raise the level cap to 95, add new skills and class specializations as well as open up the Western Rohan landscape, which includes notable locations such as Edoras and Dunharrow.


For more information, visit A Casual Stroll to Mordor for more updates on the Helm’s Deep Expansion and all of your Lord of the Rings Online news.

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  2. Great article by the way Rachel

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  4. Same here Rachel. Tolkien’s work influenced whole my life and really thankful for that !!!