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Poster from Emil Johansson of LotrProject: The Periodic Table of Middle-earth

Oloris Publishing and Emil Johansson of the  LotrProject website have officially released a new poster, The Periodic Table of Middle-earth!

“Combining his passions for Chemistry and the works of Tolkien, Emil Johansson has created a Periodic Table for Middle-earth. This poster includes important characters from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. The location of characters on the Table has been determined by importance to the story, ancestry, and, in some cases, physical attributes. Fans everywhere will love this beautiful and intriguing visualization of Middle-earth.”

LOTR Project Periodic Table

This is Emil’s fifth poster available for purchase; you can read about the other ones here and here.

The first four that have been released are:

You can view The Periodic Table for Middle-earth poster full size on Emil’s website and purchase your own copy from Oloris Publishing here.

To learn more, visit or follow Oloris Publishing on Facebook and Twitter.

To keep up with Emil’s website and projects be sure to follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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