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Jed Brophy on Peter Jackson, Keepsakes and Conventions

While Jed Brophy, who plays Nori in The Hobbit, was being interviewed for his recent project The Minister of Chance, he touched on The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

The interview is being shown in short clips on the Minister of Chance website but here’s what Jed has to say about working with Peter Jackson, not thinking to take keep-sakes from The Lord of the Rings and conventions.

  • On Peter Jackson:

Jed: I was doing a play called Caramel Cream at a small theatre in Wellington and one of the people who co-wrote a film called Brain Dead – which is a zombie film – called Stephen Sinclair, was the director. One of the actors that they had cast to play the main zombie was, for one reason or another, not able to do it, and Peter Jackson came to see the play, came backstage and offered me the part in the film – so that’s when I met him, and that’s 25 odd years ago, in 1991! I was just lucky enough to get in with him when he was first making films and he was young & hungry like myself, and we formed a fantastic working relationship. We have a very similar work ethic in terms of the way we work, and one of the things that Peter loves is to work with people who understand his work ethic; there becomes a short-hand where you don’t have to tell people things over and over again because they ‘get’ the way you work. I was drawn to his visual genius… the only director I’ve worked with in film who manages to get exactly what’s in his head up on screen without compromising. With New Zealand being a small place, if you do good work people tend to want to work with you again. The Hobbit is my seventh film project with Peter and like Dan Freeman, I’d work with him any time in the future!


  • On keepsakes 



  • On conventions and future plans



Many thanks to The Minister of Chance for sharing this with us.


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