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8th May, 3019

  • Eomer and Eowyn depart for Rohan with the sons of Elrond

And last of all Aragorn greeted Eomer of Rohan, and they embraced […].
And Eomer answered: “[…] But now I must depart for a while to my own realm, where there is much to heal and set in order.[…]”.
And Eowyn said to Faramir: “Now I must go back to my own land and look on it once again, and help my brother in his labour; but when one whom I long loved as father is laid at last to rest, I will return”.
So the glad days passed, and on the eight day of May the Riders of Rohan made ready, and rode off by the North-way, and with them went the sons of Elrond. All the road was lined with people to do them honour and praise them, from the Gate of the City to the walls of the Pelennor.

[The Return of the King, Chapter 5: The Steward and the King]

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