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Flash Mob Produces Pic of Peter Jackson

A flash mob of a hundred people have produced images of Peter Jackson and  TVNZ Seven Sharp presenter Alison Mau at the Te Papa Museum in Wellington, New Zealand.

The images were in the style of Andy Warhol and the event was to launch the Andy Warhol Exhibition at the museum.


Watch the flash mob produce their image of Peter Jackson here


Speaking to Dominion Post, museum assistant director Karen Mason said,

”It’s more complicated than you think to get it working. It’s a different version of herding cats.

”It’s part of our social media campaign for the Warhol exhibition. We wanted to create events people could participate in.

”This was a way of starting the conversation around Warhol. He was an artist that brought people together with things he called ‘happenings’ – so we’ve created our own.”


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  1. Not the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen but I like that it was an interactive event.