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San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Exclusive Hobbit Collector Figure Azog

Last month, Bridge Direct announced Azog as their exclusive San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Hobbit Collector Figure, letting down all those fans who where hoping it was Smaug. No need to worry, because today the toy company has revealed the Azog collector’s box and what the figure comes with …interchangeable hands and all.

Bridge Direct‘s Official Press Release:


7” tall Orc Commander Azog comes in a numbered, limited edition of 2,600 pieces. Azog is depicted as he appears in the prologue scene from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. In the battle between the dwarves and an army of orcs to reclaim Moria, Azog holds the severed head of the dwarf King Thror up in victory.


The figure comes with interchangeable hands – the right hand that holds Thror’s head can be replaced with a hand capable of holding either his dagger or mace, and the left hand can be switched with the prosthetic spikes that replaced the hand he lost to Thorin’s sword.

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  1. I’ve got a soft spot for Azog and this figure is AMAZING 😀

    • Me too, and i like him but where was the 3.75 Smaug we were all wanting? Well i can shed some light on that and enlighten you. The 3.75 Smaug will be guaranteed in Action Figure form as that has been promised by BD and many others who work with them including the press news and news media, also we know nothing of when he will come out but it is reckoned that he will be released prior to the D.O.S movie being released in theaters and also will probably coincide with Wave 3 itself. No worries on Smaug as we all know and have been guaranteed this by BD and my partner from Bilbo the administrator ” The Bridge Direct cannot show images of Smaug just yet, but expect images to surface as DOS release date nears.” So we all have this reassurance that we will get Smaug finally but as to when is unknown! sorry guys and look forward to hearing soon. Thanks

    • Yeah he looks pretty good Alice and I have always liked Orcs!!!