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Previously Unknown Tolkien Poem Discovered

The_Adventures_of_Tom_Bombadil_coverHusband and wife team Wayne G. Hammond and Christina Scull have found reference to an earlier version of Tolkien’s poem The Shadow Bride in the Annual of Our Lady’s School (1936).

This earlier version, titled The Shadow Man, had the same overall concept, though Tolkien had revised certain parts for the final version, which appeared in The Adventures of Tom Bombadil. The most notable changes were the first four lines of the poem, as well as the shift in the poem’s focus, from the ‘man who dwelt alone’ to ‘the lady clad in grey.’ For a more in-depth analysis of the poem and its revisions, be sure to check out Wayne and Christina’s blog.

Additionally, the husband and wife team came across another (unrecorded) poem by Tolkien, a Christian piece titled Noel.  You can find out more about that poem at Wayne and Christina’s blog.


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