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Karl Urban Tells of Peter Jackson And The Snow

karl urbanKarl Urban has been delighting fans at Supanova in Sydney this weekend.

Karl, who played Eomer, Rider of Rohan, in The Two Towers and The Return of the King, held a Q&A session at Supanova and, according to Capsule Computers,

“Karl was extremely personable and a joy to listen to and watch as he interacted with every single person who had a question for him.”

Asked about working with Peter Jackson, Karl said,

We were shooting LOTR on the South Island and we turned up to set one day and it was completely covered in snow. […] So we’re doing a block through of what we’re gonna shoot, and I’m thinking “man we’re gonna have the morning off”. […] Peter just turns to the A.D. and says “let’s just melt the snow”…within 15 minutes, there were 4 guys with industrial gas blowers melting the snow!”

What a great story!

Karl can currently be seen in our cinemas in Star Trek Into Darkness.

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